Back in the early 1930’s and through to the 50’s the Sunshine Coast was a holiday ground for many business and professional people from Vancouver. Steamships cruised up and down the coast taking many visitors to small getaway locations up and down the coast and inside the many inlet waterways. One of the most famous of these destinations was Camp Malibu which stood at the entrance to the famous Princess Louisa Inlet and Chatterbox Falls.

Located in the Sechelt Inlet between 9 mile point and Porpoise Bay in a small community which we know as Tuwanek was the old Irvine House which operated as a small Inn with Cottages that wound wind their way down to the beach front. The only way into this little resort was by steam ship and in the summer months people would come and stay in the one and two bedroom sleeping cabins that were located along the waterfront. During the late 40’s and early 50’s polio outbreaks kept visitors from congregating together and many of these small resort style inns went out of business. When Dr. Irvine passed away the old house was left vacant until 1960. Lucy and Ken Sorensen (Krista’s parents) bought the old house when the area was subdivided into recreational lots in 1960 but unfortunately it was in disrepair and had to be torn down in 1961.

The Sorensens built a cottage and the kids grew up swimming in the bay and spent many summers in Tuwanek. In 1981 Krista met Chris and they spent many weekends away up at the cabin and fell in love with the area. They married in 1986 and although they lived in many different cities they always managed to spend time up at the cabin. In 1997 Chris and Krista semi retired to the Tuwanek area to raise their children away from the big city.

They relocated the old cottage up the street and built Tranquility Bay in 1997 seen here on the left. They have operated their Bed and Breakfast for the last 9 years and enjoy meeting people from all over the world.

In 2002 when an opportunity presented itself the family bought the old Kelsey Property in Tuwanek. It was home to many weekend community camp fires and even the Famous yearly “Tuwanek Pig Roast” back in the 70’s. Chris and Krista thought it would be exciting to design and build a 1950’s style Inn and so in 2002 started the long process of design, permits and eventually construction of the new location. Chris completed all the design work and room layouts for the new location that would replicate an old style Inn and Beach cottage. Krista used her interior design skills to create a movie theme that would see the rooms decorated after the famous movies Casa Blanca and the African Queen.

The name "The Tuwanek Hotel" is reminiscent of years gone by when life was less hectic. The "Hotel" was often the focal point and meeting place for the small communities in which they were located and were operated by friendly folks who would love to stop and chat. It's that old world charm that inspired Krista and Chris to design and build a special place that exists among the beauty of the West Coast of Canada.

And now you know the reason we called it the Tuwanek Hotel...a Boutique Bed and Breakfast located on the Sunshine Coast of BC, Canada.